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Ron’s reflections

Ron's Reflections

After 20 years service, December 2017 saw Ron Wilson retire as secretary and treasurer of the Border Union Agricultural Society. Ross Tinlin recently caught up with Ron to look back at his time with the Society, and to find out what he has planned for his retirement.

Over the years Ron has overseen huge changes to the society. “A massive investment has been made, getting the infrastructure in, services underground and of course the wonderful Springwood Hall. So that meant the whole business grew because of this. It’s really a very busy place now and it grew around us so it was wonderful to be part of the team that managed to run it. I think we can proudly say that it is one of the most up to date facilities of regional Showground’s in Scotland and probably in the UK.”

Ron was quick to point out that he couldn’t have achieved what he has without the help of others. “I have been very lucky; I have had 10 Chairmen and not a bad one among them.” Over the years he’s had help from various assistants, directors, countless volunteers and of course his wife, Joan. “She has been tremendous. She has had to eat, sleep, dream, talk about Border Union for 20 years with me but we have worked very much as a team and I always say that I am the front man and she is the brains behind it.”

Over the years there have been many highlights but when pushed for a favourite: “It’s really pretty difficult or possibly unfair to pick out three or four because there are loads of highlights and I may say there were quite a lot, if we can use the same terminology, ‘low lights’ as well, such as the foot and mouth outbreaks.”

As for Ron’s future, “well, the first thing is I am going to have a wee rest. It’s a funny thing doing 20 years in anything and then suddenly, ‘bang it stops’. So you are bound to miss it to begin with but I have got various other ‘small irons’ in the fire such as Roberts new venture, Fluffy Moos, but the first thing is that we are going out to Australia for a month to visit family. I’m not sure if relax is the right word but it will certainly be different.”

Ron can now attend the Annual Show, Ram Sale, etc without the stresses that go with organising such events: “Let’s hope the sun shines!”

We wish both Ron and the Border Union Agricultural Society all the very best in their respective futures.

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