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Fee Protection Service

Tax Investigation – we make it a breeze

Tax Investigations are time-consuming, stressful and costly. As your accountant, we want to protect you. That’s why we offer a Tax Investigation service. Our service protects you against the cost of professional fees associated with a tax investigation, as well as keeping time and stress factors to a minimum, making a tax investigation a breeze.

Our Tax Investigation Service can help...

Should you be one of the unlucky ones chosen by HMRC, we offer a Tax Investigation Service.

The Service gives you professional representation and is backed by an insurance policy that provides up to £100,000 of professional fees.

The aim of the service is to:

  • Give you complete peace of mind
  • Minimise the stress and disruption of an HMRC investigation, and
  • Save you money

What’s more you will be able to respond to HMRC allowing you the best chance to bring the matter to an early conclusion and mitigate any additional tax that may be due.

And for those of you in business and with employees, it gets even better. You can gain access to a dedicated team of HR consultants who can assist you in growing your business by providing proactive commercial advice regarding the managing and well-being of your staff.

£100,000 indemnity with no excess for:

Any compliance check, visit (regardless of whether a dispute has yet arisen) or investigation started by HMRC regarding compliance with:

  • Corporation Tax Self-Assessment
  • Income Tax Self-Assessment
  • PAYE
  • P11D
  • National Insurance
  • Construction Industry Scheme
  • IR35
  • VAT
  • National Minimum Wage
  • Gift Aid legislation and regulations

Also includes:

  • VAT visits
  • Employer compliance visits
  • Check of employer records
  • Interventions
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Any HMRC use of pre-dispute information and inspection powers under schedule 36

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