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Debt recovery and dispute resolution


Have you struggled to collect debt in the last there years or have an ongoing issue?

Before you write off debt, recover it.

Rennie Welch have partnered with Capitalise to give your business the upper hand in debt recovery with Capitalise Recovery.

How it Works?

1. We can help you to identify the ‘bad debt’

Those customers you definitely no longer wish to do business with and are refusing to settle their debt.

2. Working with Capitalise Debt Recovery

They will contact you directly to get an understanding of the situation and they will then take care of all legal costs and procedures from there.

3. Legal Specialists will draft claims, negotiate and represent you all the way to the High Court.

This process will start with an attempt to negotiate with the debtor. If negotiations fail, they will escalate the case and start legal proceedings.

4. What are the possible outcomes?

If your case is taken on, the case will either be settled at any stage before going to court or a court ruling will decide. If positive you will receive 70% of the recovered amount. If lost, there will be no cost incurred by you.

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